wattle painting

I have declared wattle as the official flower for Team Handy at the Recyclimpics. It is Wattle season in Sydney and frankly i'll take any excuse to nick (i mean thoughtfully prune) it in great big hand fulls.

This is a really easy art idea for pre-schoolers and one that my four year old couldn't get enough of. That is really saying something because most of the time when I ask him to paint he runs for the hills.

What you need:

  • Large piece of paper. (paper roll is perfect)
  • Bubble wrap
  • Elastic band
  • Large jar lid
  • Yellow paint
  • A green marker
  • An old flat container
  • Tape
  • wattle (optional but it helps for inspiration!)

1. Cut a square of bubble tape and place your lid in the center.

2. Wrap the bubble wrap around the lid and secure with an elastic band.

3. Spread some yellow paint out in your flat container.

4. Cut of a length of paper and stick it on a wall.

5. Draw some very basic wattle branch lines. For preschoolers you may like to do this step for them.

6. Dab your wattle stamper into the paint and wipe off any excess.

7. Get dabbing! It is fun to explore dabbing lightly and then with more force but depending on the age of the child they will most likely just do what ever they want. So best just to stand back and let them go for it!