Wattle headdress

It is officially Wattle season in Sydney and i just couldn't resist making these adorable headdresses to celebrate. I also think they make a perfect official costume for Team Handy at the RECYCLIMPIC games! Ok So my team weren't all that happy about wearing them as you can see by the pics but I am the Captain after all!

You may not have Wattle where you live but this is still a fun family project as each member of the family can come up with their own personal emblem representing them and their defining characteristics or talents.

What you need:

  • Wattle, leaves or any other bendy branch
  • Paint
  • Cardboard
  • Thread


1. Start by sketching out some a selection of things that represent YOU. Try to arrange them in a group so that you can easily cut them out as one emblem.

2. Paint or colour in with markers

3. Make two small holes in the bottom of your emblem and thread through some string. Tie this onto the center of your wattle.

4. Attach some string to the ends of your wattle branch. they need to be long enough to tie around your head.

Ta da,  now shake your tail feathers and celebrate like its Carnivale!!