upcycled trophy

Everyone deserves to receive a ridiculously gaudy oversized trophy at least once in their life! This was Finn's turn. To be honest I have made myself quite a lot of trophies over the course of my adult life, probably to compensate that the only trophy I ever received as a kid was purchased for me by my mother!! The below is just a bit about how I made this one, but really it is here more as an example. Trophies can be made from anything!

What we used

  • An iphone box
  • A tin can
  • Some pasta
  • A baby food jar
  • A toy kangaroo
  • Some shiny things
  • Paint and glue

How I made it

1. First I painted the box green and the tin yellow.

2. When dry, I sprayed the tin with some sealant and then shook on a heap of gold glitter.

3. To make the jar section I stuck the kangaroo to the lid of the jar using hot glue then filled the jar with some transparent toys and some sparkles. Next I filled it with water and screwed the lid with the attached kangaroo back on to the jar.

4. Using hot glue, I stuck all three pieces together and touched up the jar lid with some green paint.

5. The flower holders were made using three pieces of pasta glued together. These were painted and stuck to the box again using hot glue.

6. To finish, I wrote out the text boxes and stuck them onto my trophy.

It now sits proudly in Finn bedroom on his beloved collection shelf and he adores it!

More inspiration

This is a little trophy I made for my Friend Oh Creative Day day for her stellar crafting skillz!