Underwater puzzle blocks


Under the sea...

Under the sea...

Darling it’s better,

Down where it’s wetter,

Take it from me!!! - Little Mermaid

I seriously loved that movie and I seriously love this project. I chose an underwater theme but you can really do whatever you like on these. Zoo

animals, geo shapes, stars and planets or even just block colours. I found my blocks at an industrial repurposing center but I’m sure you could purchase (or ask for) some wood off cuts from your local timber shop.

What you need:

  • 4-6 wooden blocks approx. 4 x 4 x 15 (the size really doesn’t matter for these but they do all need to be the same)
  • Paint


1.    Make sure your blocks have no sharp or rough edges. You may need to give them a light sand.

2.     Lay all your blocks down flat and square.

3.     Sketch your first drawing with a lead pencil. I just did mine free hand but you may want to use transfer paper or a printed template.

4.  Paint your design.

5.     Carry on with the remaining 3 sides remembering to let each side properly dry. Maybe sure you turn over one piece at a time from top to bottom before painting each new side.

6.     Mix them all up and let the little ones play (singing the little mermaid song is totally optional)