street banner sack race

Every kid loves a good sack race right? But I always remember them being itchy! These in contrast are positively luxurious AND you are doing a good thing by reusing a street banner. The fabric is super durable and they are BIG. I had a few from when I worked at the Art Gallery of New South wales but if you live in Sydney, Reverse Garbage always has plenty in stock.

If you cant get your hands on a street banner an old pillow case will work perfectly.

what you need

  • A street banner or pillow case
  • Scrap fabric and bottle tops (or anything to decorate)
  • Basic sewing skills
  • Hot glue (optional but easiest)


1. Fold the banner in half

2. make a cut about 80cm down.

3. Trip about 15cm off the unfolded side

4. Fold over so the shiny side is on the inside and sew across the bottom and then down the side. I did two (wonky) rows of stitches to make it extra sturdy.

5. Turn it back so the shiny side is on the outside again. (can you tell I don't know sewing lingo?) Now you are ready to get decorating!

6. If your sack racer is a preschooler they may need some help cutting out the letters of their names. I did a combination of lines and pre-cut letters and Finn enjoyed arranging them into his name.

7. Stick these on with hot glue. If you are super keen you could try sewing them on but I do not have the patience for that.

8. Add some other decorations, grab a race buddy and JUMP!  We raced team Xanthe from team Oh Creative Day who has the genius idea of racing in a shopping bag!

Is it a bird? or a plane?

So here is an idea, why not turn it into a super hero cape when you are done!