Rocky (the egg carton) Racoon

Meet Rocky. An egg carton rescue. Can you actually believe he was stuck inside an egg carton for ALL THAT TIME and no one thought to rescue him? Well never let it be said I'm not an animal lover...


  • An Egg Carton
  • Paint
  • thin craft wire or pipe cleaners
  • Hot glue or string tape
  • A stick


1. Cut off the first section of the egg carton base. This will be your head.

2. Cut two semi circular ear shapes and a little hair shaped tuft from the flat egg carton lid.

3. Hot glue or tape the ears and hair to the "head".

4. Glue or tape the head to a stick. We used a bit of balsa wood but any old stick will do.

4. Using black paint, paint the eye balls, around the eyes and nose as shown here.

5. Mix up a yellowish green colour (or any colour you like for that matter) and paint your ears and hair.

6. When dry, cut a few wire strips and feed them through the nose. You may need to make some small holes in the nose before hand with some scissor tips or a pin to make this easier. If you don't have wire you can use pipe cleaners.

ALL DONE! what adventures will Rocky's first act of freedom???!