Recycled BBQ Grill weaving

Do you have Council Clean Ups where you live? We call them 'Treasure Hunting' at Handy HQ because seriously most of the time people have no idea about the POTENTIAL in so many of the things they chuck out.

I often see these kinds of old round BBQ grills chucked in a heap along with the BBQ itself sometimes that might have seen better days. To be honest this was the first time I had tried weaving with one and i have to say I think it turned out Fab! For the weaving itself we repurposed old artworks and then finished it with some matching yarn.


  • An old grill
  • Old paper artworks
  • Metallic strips (totally optional)
  • Assorted yarn
  • Rustproof spray paint


1. First step is to give the grill a coat of rust proof spray paint. You could spend forever trying to get rid of the rust but one coat of enamel should cover it nicely.

2. Choose some artworks you don't mind cutting up and slice them into even strips. I also added in some thick yarn and metallic thread that I had so feel free to be creative with your strips and use what you have on hand.

3. Select some yarn that compliments the artworks and loop it over the bottom of the grill It looks best when you use multiple strands at once. I looped the coloured ones around the front of 2 bars and then back through the middle and under. The white string was doubled over the top of the bottom bar and then the top of that loop was pulled through the middle. This might be hard for little hands so this will vary depending on how old they are and that is just fine.

4. Weave the strips under and over the grill lines. If your first piece begins under and the over, your second row should start over and under

5. Once you have woven your strips all the way to the top, trip with scissors to keep the shape nice and round in lines with the edges of the grill.

All done! now hang and enjoy.