Why is Put Put gold not a thing any more? It was seriously one of the best things about my childhood and I had a damn good childhood. I reckon if someone were to reopen a few they would make a killing! (I'll Take 10%)

Until then, this almost as good portable recycled put put game will have to do. Have I sold it yet?


What you need

Yes, basically the above is true but the specifics are:

  • 2 big sticks
  • A meat tray
  • Some cardboard
  • A wine box/wine glass box (the things I do for craft...)
  • 1x A4 sheet of felt or paper
  • additional felt or paper scraps
  • a ball OR a piece of paper and some tape
  • a piece of string
  • Scissors and glue

1. Attach the string to the edge of the box lid and tape it to the back edge of the box as shown. This just stops the lid from closing.

2. Cut your felt to cover the inside of the box lid and side flats. Stick this on with glue. Hot or regular glue will work fine.

3. Cut our some letter shapes and stick these on to your felt. I called mine Put-O-Rama but feel free to call yours whatever you like! I used recycled papers but just use whatever you have at hand.

NOTE: For a quick fix just scrap steps 2 and 3 and paint your text straight onto the cardboard.

The clubs

1. Cut a meat tray in half. You know that black ribbed tray you get sausages in some time?

2. Put some hot glue* down one side and stick down your stick. I re-inforced mine by adding a square of cardboard to fill in the back of the club.

* If you don't have hot glue maybe just try taping a rectangular piece of thick card to a stick.

3. Pretty them up with a coat of paint

If you don't have a ball you can make an easy one by scrunching a bit of waste paper and just wrapping it in tape.