Potato heads

I loved Mr Potato Head when I was little. This is kind of like Mr Potato head but BETTER because you can use it on a real potato! AND it costs virtually nothing.

This is a great project to do with the whole family. Younger kids will enjoy drawing crazy face features because even if they are wobbly they look terrific when mixed in with more defined features from older kids and adults. If your kids are quite young, they will need some help with cutting the shapes. Also, as the project uses pins, some caution should be used.

This tutorial shows you how to make face pieces from both recycled cardboard and lids. Feel free to use both as per the instructions or choose one or the other depending on what you have on hand.


What you need

  • Lots of bottle lids
  • Paper
  • Coloured markers
  • Cardboard
  • Push pins
  • Hot glue and stick glue

1. Grab a bottle lid and draw around it on your paper to create a series of circles.

2. Design some cool facial features, colour and cut them out then glue them to the bottle tops.

3. Not all your facial features will fit within the shape of a circle so on another piece of paper draw some more crazy eyes, noses and mouths. You may even want to try out a mustache or two!

4. Stick this paper to a piece of medium thickness recycled cardboard with glue and then cut the shapes out using scissors. A cereal box is perfect for this as it is easy to cut.

5. Attach push pins to the back of both the cardboard cut outs and the bottle lids. Hot glue is best for this.

I found a piece of foam which is perfect for storing them. If you don't have any foam maybe just grab an extra pumpkin to display them all on when not in use or find a small box for them.

Now grab some potatoes and get playing! come to think of it, why just potatoes!! You can stick these babies in any fruit of veggies really!