Poms of paradise

I seriously love flowers and always love receiving them but a bunch of these would last FOREVER!! Even better, they cost next to nothing and are super fun to make.

To be honest I have no idea what these seed pods are called but I have used a variety of different ones in the past to make versions of these and they have all looked fab. Basically you just need a pod of a reasonable side that you can stuff some wool into and you are pretty much guaranteed awesomeness.

These look great in a vase and would make an equally great mobile. Smaller versions such as the Gum Nut 'POD' Poms at the bottom of this page would be awesome brooches too. So much possibility!

what you need

  • Some seed pods
  • paint
  • yarn

1. Paint your pods. Choose colours that will match whatever yarn you have at home.

2. Make 2 x Half pom pom poms per pod. This will obviously depend on what side pods you are using. We used a homemade cardboard pom pom pom maker which makes this process super quick and easy. Details HERE

3. Use a knife/stick/chopstick/finger to stuff the pom poms into the opening of your seed. They should stay put but if they don't just add a bit of glue.

ALL DONE! Seriously, so easy and so cool!!!

More 'pod' POMS...