plastic bottle fairy house

I could not tell you how many fairy houses I have made in my lifetime but lets just say its between quite a few and A LOT. This is the version my son and I go back to over and over again though, as it is both fun to make and weather proof (well, weather resistant). One bottle sliced in half makes two houses, which you can either stick together or scatter around a fairy garden. You can decorate them however you like using loose parts and fake flowers like our example, or decorate simply with paint and markers. The cutting in this project needs to be done by an adult obviously but everything else should be doable for a child ages 4 or 5 plus. We used hot glue for our decorations. If you are interested in why and how I use them with my 4 year old you might like to check out my blog post 'An ode to the glue gun'


  • A plastic bottle (2 ltr works best)
  • Paint (optional)
  • Bits and bobs to decorate
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors and or a sharp blade


1. Begin by cutting the bottle roughly in half. I normally make the bottom half slightly bigger than the top half. Use your blade to make the first incision and then continue cutting all around with either the blade or a pair of scissors.

2. Cut an arch on the bigger piece, leaving one side attached. Fold this out to make a door.

3. Cut another smaller arch on your second piece. I didn't do a door on this piece but feel free to do what you like here.


4. OPTIONAL- Paint one or both pieces (spray paint works best)

5. Decorate! We choose beads, shells and gold things and fake flowers. It is worth noting I am a bit of a hoarder, so have lots of things like this lying around but you can just use whatever you like. If you don't have any bits and bobs you could just paint yours and add some glitter.

All done! Now head outside and find a spot to put it.

...This is a different version we made. Finn suggested adding grass and a floor so the fairy didnt get her feet dirty!

Want to talk to the fairies?

We write letters and leave small gifts and sometimes they write back!