plastic bottle boats



I actually cant believe that these are the first plastic bottle boats we have made. Plastic bottles are basically BUILT for this purpose. The smallest modification turns basically any plastic bottle into the perfect sea faring vessel.

There aren't many instructions for this post for two reasons; 1. I forgot to take pictures while making them, and 2. They are pretty easy and dont really require much explaining!


  • Plastic bottles of various sizes (needs to be flat on one side)
  • lids (matching or otherwise)
  • Sticky contact or Waterproof decorations + hot glue
  • Wooden sticks/dowel

to make


1. Using a blade or scissors, remove one side of the bottle (definitely an adult job).

2. Decorate with coloured contact cut into shapes or stick on some waterproof decorations using hot glue. I added some extra details to mine with permanent marker but this is optional.

3. Make sure you have a lid on your bottle so the water doesn't get in and sink your boat. We had some blingin' gold lids floating about so glued these in place of the original lids.

4. To erect the mast, stick some dowel into a small lid and fill it with hot glue. When dry, glue the lid to the inside base of the boat. For the mast itself, we attached a big plastic lid and a random sheet of textured plastic we found lying around. It doesn't really matter what you use here but something plastic and flat is ideal. Finn decided his was a speedboat and so didnt require a mast at all!

When you are happy with your designs, get sailing!! These boats are amazingly sturdy and can hold small toy passengers too!