Perfect pasta pencil holder

 I have one of these sitting on my desk.  Not only does it look pretty, it actually improves my chances of not loosing my pens by at least 50%!!

You can make these in any size you like. Mini ones with smaller lids and big ones with larger lids.


What you need:

  • Some Rigatoni (large tube pasta)
  • Paint
  • A jar lid
  • Hot glue or PVA

1. Start by testing how many pieces of pasta will fit in your jar lid. It's nice to try and use the ones that are slightly bendy so that your pencils will spray out when you put them in. You need to pack as many in as you can so that they wont all fall over while your glue is drying.

2. Remove the pieces and get your glue ready.

3. PVA OPTION: Pour a medium layer of PVA into the lid. Place the pieces of pasta back into the lid making sure they are all touching the glue.                  HOT GLUE OPTION: Add hot glue in sections and quickly add in your pieces.

4. When the glue is dry paint the whole thing in your chosen colour. You might need a few coats depending on what paint you are using.

And voila! perfect pasta pencil holders for everyone!!

And here is my mini version by my computer!

or go BIG!!!