painted bark wall hanging


Nothing like a spot of bark painting to break up the monotony of brown splodges on paper! Painting on different surfaces can be really interesting for kids and lead to some really beautiful results.

This is one of those great projects where the process and product really come together. Miss 2 loved sploshing the paint around on the bark and it took me about 5 minutes to transform it into this mini masterpiece.

I chose to limit the palette and just offer a few colours that wouldn't end up brown if all mixed together!


  • Some bark
  • Thick Ribbon of some sort.
  • paint
  • Hot glue (PVA would work fine too)
  • Coloured pasta (totally optional)

To Make


1. Start by painting your bark.

2. Add some coloured pasta or other bits and bobs you have lying around.


3. Lay your pieces upside down. we went biggest to smallest but you can do whatever you like.

4. Measure and cut two long pieces of ribbon and glue them to the back of the bark in two rows.

5. Cut a smaller piece of ribbon and glue to the top as a handle to hang.

Hang , admire and enjoy!