Junk Jewellery Buffet


This is a project close to my heart. One of those ones where I get to live out my own childhood fantasies through my kids. This would be a great birthday party workshop or invitation for a group of kids. I imagine it working really well at a daycare or school too.I set it up to try and get my kids to make some mothers day presents for the mums and nans in our life. It worked a treat.

The materials for this one are a bit of a guide really. You can use basically anything that has a hole or that you can make a hole in. If the holes are too small or the objects don’t have holes at all you can add string or wire.

suggested materials

  • Fake flowers and leaves (with the centres removed)

  • Crystals (lucky op shop find for us)

  • Sticky tape centres or slices of cardboard tubes

  • Coloured pasta shapes

  • Gum nuts and seed pods (wire or string attached)

  • Corks (these can be sliced of you can screw in small eyelet hooks)

  • Cardboard pasta beads (this is a great project in itself)

  • yoghurt lids and plastic tubes

    Other fun things not featured include:

  • Cut up straws

  • Shells with holes

  • Pom poms

  • Tied ribbon loops

  • Metal bits and bobs

  • Broken jewellery

To make:

ACS_0018 2.JPG

There aren’t really and hard and fast rules to making these. But there are a few things that can help.

  1. Thicker cord is easier to manage

  2. Wrapping some tape around the end of the string will help the beads go on easier

  3. Know when to stop!

We made a stack and I am really hoping the kids will sneak in and make me one while I am not looking. Kid made jewellery is the BEST.