Nature wands


My partner has just left me to go and live at Hogwarts. He is a magician, and to be honest I couldnt be more proud, but it means 6 months of solo parenting for me. I thought we might need some magic of our own to stop me from loosing my mind so decided to make some wands.

I really do love making wands, there is just endless possibility. So this is more of a post about what we made and how we made them, that will hopefully inspire you to dig out whatever you have on hand and make some magic of your own..

What we used

  • Driftwood

  • Wood rounds and tree nuts

  • Gold spray paint

  • Silver paint pens

  • Fake flowers

  • Paper straw

  • Hot glue


To Make:

To start I hot glued the wood rounds and nuts on top of the drift wood. I trimmed the top of the sticks to create a flat surface so the pieced would attach nicely. For something extra fancy, i cut small sections of paper straw and attached them around the outside of one of the wood rounds.


Next I spray painted them gold. This step is optional but gold spray paint is one of life’s guilty pleasures. I was tempted to just keep them like this and to be honest this is how my kids preffered them but I just couldn’t resist jazzing them up a bit.


I went with a flower theme, mostly because I had a bunch of them on my craft table. I particularly like the one on the left where I stuck individual petals in between the grooves of the nut.

So go forth and spread the magic! (and wish me luck for the next 6 months)