Pet Rocks

Ok so you dont really need a tutorial for painted rocks so this is here more just as an idea. We LOVE our rocks and use them in so many different ways.

In case you have been living under a (cough cough) rock, here are the instructions. Below we will list lots of fun ways to use them.

What you need

  • Rocks (bigger and smoother the better)
  • Paint
  • spray sealant



Instructions go something like: Paint rocks then seal with spray sealant. DONE!

We just used a craft gloss that comes in a can from the art shop. You don't need to do this but they will last much longer. You could also try regular furniture gloss but that could get messy!


Take turns hiding them in the garden and collecting in a basket

Use them in imaginary play

Bury them and dig them up (particularly popular with under 3's)

Use them as paper weights for our paintings while working outside.

Paint a portrait and give it as a gift