Why is it that things in miniature are just so damn cute! Look to be honest these beauties are wonderful big too but I think these mini versions would make the most delightful gifts are smart, easy and versatile enough for both little and big makers to enjoy. If you haven't already checked out the wonderful blog by Meri Cherry (yes that is her real name) then you should. She took Instagram by storm with her big versions of there which have inspired makers the works over, myself included.


  • A mini stick or piece of drift wood
  • Some wool
  • A piece of leather or string


1. Start by choosing some wool colours that compliment each other. It is nice to have a mix of colours and textures.

2. Cut small lengths of wool. The length depends on the thickness of the wool. If it is thick then about 15cm will do if it is very thin then double or triple this.

3. To attach the wool to the stick:

  • 3.1. Fold the wool in half
  • 3.2 and 3.3 Loop it over the stick from the front to the back
  • 3.4 Reach around to the back of the stick and pull the ends of the wool through the loop you have make. Pull tight to tighten.

4. Continue looping the wool onto the stick in this manner. If the wool if very thin you may need to fold it in half a few times before looping onto the stick.

5. When you have looped on all the string take some scissors and trim it to a shape you like. You can leave it square or cut it into a point like I did with mine.

6. To finish, tie on some cord to either end of the stick. Try to make sure the ends of the cord face down and sit flat if possible. If you don't have any cord just use a longer piece of wool.