Magazine rockets

Why not make a magazine rocket and blow it right back at the keaflet distributors!!! Nah, thats a bit much but these are a graeat way to use up old magazines and mail leaflets.

What you need

  • Old magazines/paper/leaflets
  • Sticky tape
  • A wide straw
  • Flame coloured papers or cello (optional)


1. Take one page of magazine or leaflet and roll up into a tube. You can use the straw as a guide to do this and just let it slip out at the end. The tube needs to be wide enough that the straw can fit in one end but not so wide that it just falls straight out.

2. Secure the tube with sticky tape so it doesn't unravel.

3. Fold over the corner of one end and stick down with sticky tape.

4. Decorate the end of your rocket by taking an extra strip of magazine or coloured paper and fraying it a little bit with scissors.  Wrap this around the opposite end to the one that you folded and secure with sticky tape.

5. Repeat until you have a decent stash of rockets.



You can play with these on your own or divide into two piles and play with a friend.

1. Take the straw and insert it in the end of the rocket.

2. BLOW!

How far did it go?

Player two goes next and whoever gets their rocket to go the furthest wins!

Best out of 3??