I love a good brooch. The bigger and wilder the better.  If you agree, this project is for you!!

If you disagree but really like fridge magnets then read on...

If you don’t like brooches or fridge magnets then let me be the first to tell you there may be something seriously wrong with you.


  • Cardboard
  • Bottle tops/corks/ lids (interesting junk)
  • Paint
  • Large safety pins OR brooch backs OR mini pegs.
  • PVA or Craft glue

to make

1. Cut out some interesting shapes from cardboard. I went with a floral theme so cut a series of leaf and flower shapes.

2. Arrange your interesting bits of junk on to the shapes you have cut out. Mix and match till you are happy with the arrangements.

3. Paint the cardboard shapes and leave to dry.

4. Glue all your pieces together. I used hot glue but craft glue should work too.

5. Attach your fastening device to the back. I reccommend hot glue or super glue just to make sure they are really strong. I used these little wooden pegs with magnets on the back so that i could pin them on my clothes and use them on the fridge too. Any kind of fastener will work here. If using a safety pin, just use strong tape to stick down one side of the pin. You can also use a store bought brooch back which you can get easily from craft and jewellery supply stores if you want it to look super pro. If you just want them to be magnets try reusing those magnets you get sent in the post by just cutting to size and gluing to the back of the brooch, or alternatively small magnets can also be bought easily from discount shops and magnet supply stores.

6. All done! these make great gifts if you can bear to part with them. I personally kept ALL of mine.

And I also wore them all at the same time...