Nothing says love like a big bunch of toilet rolls and plastic bags.......

What you need:

  • Toilet rolls (one per bloom)
  • Plastic bags (approx one for every two blooms)
  • Paint
  • Craft wire
  • A vessel ( we pick these empty cotton spools up from our local reuse center but you can use anything here. The come works well though as it is very narrow at the neck so the flowers stay in place.

1. Start by cutting your TP rolls. There are no rules here. I sliced some of mine mine in small strips as shown, making sure not to cut all the way to the bottom. Others I cut out in a petal shape.

2. Fan out the pieces you have cut. Some TP rolls will peel away a bit as you do this due to the way they are kind of coiled when made. Just use this as a guide to cut an interesting shape or peel off the bits that are bugging you.

3. To make the centers of your flowers, cut a square of plastic bag about 15cm for each flower you have cut. Scrunch up the rest of the bag into a ball and then use the square you have cut to wrap it up.

4. Using some craft wire, tie off the bottom of the balls and wrap down the "stem" a bit. Cut off the excess plastic bag.

5. Paint your pieces. Its nice to choose just a few colours but feel free to be creative!

6. When the paint is dry, use a marker to make some dots on the centers of your flowers then insert them into your TP roll petals.

7. decorate your cone if you have one or find another vessel for the flowers.

8. Arrange and enjoy!!