jerome the jellyfish

Jerome the jellyfish loves to bounce! He is sort of a puppet really as the addition of the elastic and a small weight in his head give him a whole lot of character and really give the impression that he is bobbing along in the ocean.

what you need

  • A plastic milk bottle (1 or 2ltr)
  • A plastic bag
  • A piece of elastic (about 80cm)
  • Paint
  • A large pebble or metal sinker
  • Scrap of paper and a black marker
  • A hole punch

to make

1. Measure 8 cm (approx) from the bottom of the milk jug and remove the top section of the bottle. Try using a sharp kitchen knife or scissors. Put the top piece back in the recycling bin or use it to make a ball catch!

2. Lay a plastic bag flat and paint it blue. This is actually totally optional as lets face it, jellyfish are not actually blue.

3. Paint the inside of the milk bottle section you saved. Again this is probably optional!

4. When dry, punch a series of holed all the war around the rim of the plastic bottle piece. If your mini person is anything like mine they will love this bit.

5. Slice the plastic bag into strips

6. Loop the plastic bag strips through the holes you have made. You shouldn't need to tie these as they stay put by themselves.

7. Next draw some googly eyes on some paper, cut out and stick on to your jellyfish head. You could use regular googly eyes here if you have them.

8. Make a small hole in the top of the jellyfish head.

9. Tie your elastic around a big pebble and thread the elastic through to top of the head from the inside out.

10. Make a small look in the top of the elastic and BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE!