icecream tub bike basket

Now I cant take too much credit for this one as it was pretty much Finn's idea. He decided last week that he needed a basket for his bike and that we should make one. When I asked him what it would look like, he said it needed to be shiny with pink pom poms. SAY NO MORE!!!


What you need

  • An ice cream tub
  • Contact
  • Shiny things
  • Yarn for pom poms (optional)
  • 4 cable ties

1. Cover the Ice Cream tub in shiny contact.  We were lucky to find some reflective contact at Reverse Garbage.

2. Make some pom poms (totally optional) We made ours using this super simple cardboard shape. See HERE for how to make your own.

3. Gather lots of shiny things and glue them onto your tub and lid. Finn used a mixture of hot glue and big pieces of sticky contact.

4. Place the lid back on the container. Mark two small dots near the rim of the lid and another two on the container directly underneath. Use a punch to make some small holes. Thread a cable tie through each of the top holes and through the ones in the container to make two loops. This will allow the lid to open and close without the lid flying off. NOTE: Dont pull the cable ties too tight or else it will be difficult to open and close the lid.

5. Make four holes in the container as shown above using either a hole punch if it reaches or a sharp blade.

6. Starting from the top holes inside of the container, thread the cable ties over and around the bars then back through into the container. Pull the cable ties tight and trim the ends.

All done! Now pack some supplies and get riding!