harry the horse

Ooooh what a fine looking stallion! He has come from rubbish stock but is a thoroughbred at heart. I have called him Harry but you can call yours whatever you like.

He will be competing in backyard trotting and baby jumping at the 2016 Recyclimpics before heading back to the playroom for a well deserved rest.

What you need.

  • A laundry soak container (you know those round ones with the flat lid)
  • A rectangular box
  • An egg carton
  • Brown paper bag
  • 2 large and 2 smaller bottle tops
  • A big stick or pole
  • Something for the straps (we used some strip vinyl)
  • Brown/blue and white paint.
  • Hot glue or Strong tape.

To make

1. Attach the laundry soak container to the cardboard box to make an L shape. We used hot glue which is preferable, but you could try using masking tape here.

2. Cut out two pointy bits from the egg carton and attach to the top of the rectangular box. These will be the horse’s ears.

3. Paint brown all over.

4. Paint your bottle tops white and blue.

5. Fold some brown paper in half and cut into strips stopping a cm or two from the fold.

6. Open the paper up a bit and glue it along along the back of the horses neck and in-between the ears, stopping about halfway down the face. Trim whatever paper you don't need.

7. Glue your eyes together when dry and stick to the sides of the face.

8. Measure the reins by wrapping one shorter piece of strap around the end of the nose and cutting where it joins. Hold this in place with a piece of tape while you measure up the two longer pieces of strap. Lay it all down and glue together. Our straps measured as follows: long straps 60cm, shorter strap 32cm.


9. Re-position back onto the face and glue it all in place.

10. Staple, tie or glue the two ends of the reins together. These will be used to hold onto or hand around your jockeys next.


11. Make a hole in the end of the rectangular box and feed through you stick or pole. I used a heap of hot glue here but you could try using strong tape.

Now take your horse to the starting line and get trotting!