hanging cardboard collage

Sometimes simple really is better. That is definitely the case with this project. It involves very few materials, costs next to nothing and is very fun to make.

Lets get started!


  • Recycled cardboard
  • Paint (I used watercolours but tempera discs or even liquid acrylic would work fine)
  • A piece of string
  • A few beads (optional)


1. cut out a large-ish piece of cardboard for the base of your collage. It is nice to have an irregular shape but any shape will work.

2. Collect some cardboard off cuts. My house is full of these but if you don't have any scraps then just cut some random shapes. Corrugated card works really well in this project so add some of that to the mix if you have any lying around.

3. Ask your mini person to arrange the shapes on the card any way they like. They might choose to arrange it first and then glue or they may take each piece and glue it as they go. It really doesnt matter so just let them explore the materials as they wish.

4. When the piece is dry paint each of the sections you have added. This is super fun as the raised pieces are easy to paint and lend them selves to painting different colors as there is some separation from the base piece.

5. Make two small holes on the top of the piece when dry, add some string and a few beads then hang and enjoy!