Gum leaf puppets

I love projects that are just as fun to play with as they are to make. I also love projects that require only very simple materials so these tick both boxes! They Jump really beautifully when the leaves are fresh and make great decorative artworks when they dry.

What you need

  • Gum leaves or any other large strong leaf
  • push pins (5 per puppet)
  • garden stick
  • hot glue or masking tape


1. Position your leaves in place and insert the push pins.

2. Pin the arms to the body.

3. Pin the head to the body (behind the arms)

4. Pin the legs to the base of the leaf for legs. If you leaf is really long and pointy you may want to cut of a little bit at this end.

5. Slice up the off cut from your body leaf and pin it to the back of the head as hair. NOTE: If your joints aren't moving properly just cut off the ends of the leaves where they are rubbing against the others.

6. Attach the puppet to a garden stick using either masking tape or hot glue. You could also use craft glue and just wait till it dries.

7. Paint and decorate

8. Jump Jump Jump!!!!