giant no sew birdie


This project is based on our original No Sew Birdies. Its exactly the same principle, just supersized! Its a great project if you are looking for a textile project but aren’t interested in sewing. I used plain calico and then painted it after but you could paint the fabric first and then make the bird if that suits you better.

What you need

  • Large piece of fabric (we used calico) about 75cm square. Bigger for a bigger bird, smaller for a mini bird

  • String or elastic bands

  • Cardboard scraps

  • Paint

  • Cushion stuffing

  • Feathers (optional)

The basic method


Follow this basic method but GO BIG. You can bind with string, or elastic bands. Step 4 in this grid shows it fully decorated but you can look at what we did below for other inspiration for your birdie.


This is our big birdie before it was painted. The mouth is made from two triangles of cardboard, attached with hot glue. I also stuck in some white feathers to the tail.

To Decorate


Next I gave it a good goat of paint. I used acrylic paints mixed with white. I used a bot of water too to make the paint spread. You could use watercolors or whatever paint you have on hand.


To finish I cut some legs from cardboard, painted them and attached them with hot glue.