These little guys were actually inspired by this awesome stick. I have this thing with sticks and always collect them for projects that sometimes do and sometimes don't ever actually happen. Im glad this one did!

I had also been thinking about fabric projects for kids that didn't involve sewing even though I know a lot of kids can sew and really enjoy it. The principle is pretty easy but there is a bit of tying and jiggling to get the shape right so I would say suitable for maybe 6+.

What you need

  • Scrap fabric*
  • String
  • Cushion stuffing
  • Some fancy paper
  • Hot glue (or regular glue and patience)

*Any fabric will do for the bird's body but old curtain fabric is great for the wings and details as it doesn't fray. If you don't have any of this, substitute paper for the wings.

1. Cut a square of fabric approx 20cm x 20cm

2. Place a small amount of stuffing in the center and tie off with some string.

3. Add a larger piece of stuffing and tie off, this time at the side. This can take a bit of jiggling to get the right shape but after you have a few goes you will get the hang of it.

4. Next cut some wing shapes from the curtain fabric (or paper if you are using it.). It is nice to have 3-4 wings at the back. My birds just have one side wing for some reason but I guess in retrospect that is a bit odd!

4 a (optional). To be extra fancy, cut another wing from paper and sliced it at the top. This adds some nice texture to the tail.

5. Cut a diamond shape out of paper or card and fold it in half (this will be the beak).

6. Attach the wings, tail feathers and beak using hot glue.

Now, to be honest, I never did end up mounting these properly to my beautiful stick but you could! or how about turning them into a mobile?