Geometric Cardboard Christmas Decorations

IMG_1281 2.jpg

I have discovered my new favourite cardboard. I thought it was the think Ikea stuff that I sometimes go dumpster diving for at Ikea, but NO! It is in fact that thick wedge of board you get at the end of an art paper pad.  It is so sturdy and with a shard blade, cute like a dream.


That in mind the cutting for this project should be done by an adult. In fact, this whole project is really fun for adults, so much so that I didnt even offer it to my kids as a project. You could though if you are better at sharing...;)



What you need

  • The cardboard at the back of an art pad (or any sturdy cardboard really)
  • Sharp blade
  • Paint
  • String for hanging
  • Silver and gold markets (optional)
  • Modge Podge (again optional but recommended)
  • Glue

To Make

IMG_1297 2.JPG

1. Cut your cardboard into geometric shapes. Round shapes are really hard to cut so stick with straight line shapes

IMG_1296 2.JPG

2. Mix some festive colours and give them a base coat in a block colour


3. When dry decorate with gold and silver markers or paint pens.

IMG_1295 2.JPG

4. Arrange your pieces, use thee pieces for each decoration. Play around till you are happy with them the glue together.


5. Put a hole in each one using a punch.

6. OPTIONAL: Add a coat of Modge Podge or clear gloss. I do recommend this but not everyone has this lying around at home. You could also try clear drying craft glue..

7. To finish, add a string, hang and enjoy!