galaxy brooches

These brooches came out of a bit of old fashioned experimenting plus a massive oversupply of recycled lids.

The key to making them look really pro is the resin finish. Resin is used in a variety of applications but it is great for jewellery making and projects when you want a very hard clear finish. It comes in two parts that you mix together and pour onto your project. Jar lids make the perfect casing as they have sides to stop the resin running out, and are just the right depth.  You can buy resin from good craft shops, commercial casting suppliers and online. Sometimes it is called clear casting epoxy.

Resin isn't really suitable for kids to use so make sure an adult does the mixing and pouring. If you want to do this project but the resin business just sounds all a bit too hard, you could always try using Modge Podge which I personally haven't used but have heard very good things about.


what you need

  • Assorted bottle top and jar lids
  • Casting resin (see notes up top)
  • Acrylic paints
  • Glitter
  • Liquid Water Colours (optional)


1. Choose some paint colours that will blend nicely together. I suggest adding white to whatever colours you choose as it creates a nice contrast.

2. Add a squeeze of each colour into your lid. It is good if the paint is slightly on the runny side (but not too runny). Add some glitter and a dash of liquid water colour. If you don't have any liquid water colours you could try food dye or just leave it out.

3. Tilt the Jar lid until the colours start mixing together. Move the lid around in your hand, tilting to each side and around in some gently circles. If your paint is too thick and not blending together easily, you can get a tooth pic or fine brush and swirl the colours together a bit. Try not to over mix them though.

4. Leave to dry.

5. Mix together two equal parts of craft resin into a disposable tub or container. I just did this by eye but if you think it would help you could use a ruler to mark two equal lines. The amount of liquid depends on the size and depth of your lid. If you don't make enough you can always make up some more and top it up.

6. Use a clean stick to mix the resin. Follow the directions on your resin packaging but mine suggested mixing for two minutes. Be careful not to get the resin on your clothes or skin and make sure you are in a well ventilated area.

7. Pour the resin into the lid. If you have lots of bubbles after you have finished pouring, blow on them gently through a straw.

RESIN FREE VERSION: If you want to skip the resin, just follow steps 1-4 and then pour on a layer of Modge Podge in place of the resin.

8. Leave the piece to dry for 24-48 hours. These dry best in warmer temperatures so if you live somewhere really cold be prepared that they may take longer to set.

9. To turn these into brooches glue on a store bought brooch back. You can get these at most craft stores. Alternatively you can use a large safety pin attached with very strong tape.


Experiment with different materials? In some of the above pieces I also added in some clear craft glue. It creates a kind of smoky look when the colours mix into it. You can also add small objects such as sequins, glitter or flowers into the lids before pouring on the resin.

You might also like to turn piece into a necklace! I simply taped a length of cord to the top of the circle.