Family Flag

This flag is a great collaborative project to do with the whole family. Everyone can contribute different elements and have a say on what should be included. Some fun prompts to ask your team members could include:

What words describe our family?

What is special to us?

What is unique about us?

How do we work as a team?

What are we good at?

It also suits lots of different abilities because everyone can contribute something that suits their skill level. The below info is how we made ours buy you could make yours however you like!

What you need*

*To be honest you don’t need any of these things and can just use whatever you have at home but this is what we used.

  • Piece of calico about the size of a pillow case (or you could just use an old pillow case)
  • Egg cartons
  • Felt and fabric scraps
  • Laundry marker
  • Hot glue
  • Liquid watercolors


1. Cut out a rectangle of calico about 60 x 40cm. If you have the patience and a sewing machine, hem the edges.

2. Wet the fabric so it is damp but not dripping and lay down on a plastic surface. We used a kiddie sandpit.

3. Drip on some undiluted liquid watercolours and watch as the colours magically mix into each other.

This was a bit of an experiment and I wasn’t really sure how it would turn out but it worked beautifully. It created kind of a tie-dye effect with out the tying!

The more water you add the more the colours blend in. Hang somewhere safe to dry preferably where the dripping dye won’t ruin anything. Maybe worth noting here that I probably would avoid hanging this on a white wall as I have no idea about the colorfastness!

4. Cut out some egg carton rounds, paint and leave to dry.


5. Decide on a slogan! I asked Finn to think of three works to describe our family/team. After a bit of prompting we arrived at FUN. MAGIC. CUBBIES I am

pretty sure this is because he was actually lying in a cubby under the dining table at the time but we ran with it.

6. Cut out the letters using felt scrap or sheet and stick down with glue. If you don’t have felt you could just write or paint this on.

7. Next I cut out some basic clothes shapes from an old curtain and stuck these on.

8. To finish we stuck on the egg carton decorations and Finn drew the missing faces and body parts on our family figures.

Ours now hangs proudly in our family room and I have to say it is probably my favorite project yet.