elephant milk jug planter

You know you are going a bit crazy when you stare at an empty milk bottle and see an elephant.... I'm just going to roll with it.

What you need

  • A 2ltr milk bottle
  • Hot glue
  • A pipe cleaner
  • Paint ( I suggest black and white)
  • A black marker

1. Mark out the sections of your milk bottle as detailed in the pics. You only need one milk bottle but I have used two just to more clearly illustrate what sections you need to cut out.

Images from top left clockwise: Head and nose, back, front and side. (So... Your front piece is a medium arch, the sides large arches and the back low and flat)

2. Cut out your pieces using scissors and or a sharp blade (this is definitely an adult job)

3. Fold down the ears. You will need to sort of roll the plastic under itself and hold it for a little while until it stays.

4. Paint your pieces. We used dark grey for the body and a lighter grey for the face but you can use whatever colours you like. We experimented with painting on the inside of the container as well as the outside and to be honest I am undecided which is best so choose your own adventure!

5. When dry, glue the face onto the body of your elephant with hot glue.

6. Draw on some eyes or stick on some googly ones if you prefer.

7. Make one more small hole at the back of the elephant and thread in a twisty pipe cleaner tail.

8. Make a few small holes on the base of the container with a sharp blade. These holes will be for drainage.

9. I recommend spraying the whole thing with a coat of all purpose craft sealant to make it a bit weatherproof. If you don't want to do this just make sure you don't leave your planter exposed to the elements.

10. Add in some soil and a small plant, pour yourself a lemonade, sit back and enjoy!

What other creatures can you make?...