egg carton diorama

Egg carton bases get a lot of love in crafting circles but what about the lid?? This project came out of an Instagram challenge I issued where people suggested things from their recycling bin that they wanted to see transformed by team Handy. I was so pleased by how this one turned out and it has become one of my most popular projects on Pinterest.

This is also a wonderful way to reuse old artworks as they look so amazing when cut and layered like this. The technique itself is very simple but the design is up to you. Younger makers could just cut abstract shapes and older makers can experiment with something like the one shown here which requires some pretty fancy cutting skills. Another idea somewhere in the middle would just be to make a mountain scape, repeating big and small mountain shapes.


What you need

  • An egg carton lid
  • Some old artworks
  • Glue
  • Blue paint
  • String

To make

1. Begin by removing the lid section from the egg carton. Paint it blue.

2. Cut out some large mountain shapes and clouds stick these directly to the lid.

3. Cut out some extra shapes to fill your landscape. I cut a mixture of rocks, mountains, shrubs and grasses of different sizes but you can create whatever shapes you like.

4. The next step is to fold the bottom of each of the pieces you have cut. The fold should be about 0.5-1cm depending on how many layers you are trying to fit in to your landscape.

5. Glue the pieces down to the inside bottom edge of your carton lid. Start with the larger pieces in your first layer and then the smaller pieces in subsequent layers. You will probably fit two layers with a half centimeter fold and two layers with a one centimeter fold.

6. To finish thread some string through the existing holes in the lid and fine somewhere special to hang it!