Egg Carton mice finger puppets


What a pair! This duo is super simple to make using pretty much just an egg carton and paint. Add a Texta lid in the back and Voila! They hold on to little fingers perfectly.

What you need:

  • An egg carton
  • Paint and paintbrush
  • Hot glue
  • 2 texta lids
  • Small scrap of white and black card

1. Begin by cutting out two of the pointy bits from the egg carton.

2. My egg carton was white so I choose to leave one white mouse white and paint the other brown. You can paint yours whatever colour you like!     

3. Cut about 4 very thin strips of paper for each mouse from your black card. If you dont have any card you can just use the top of the egg carton box and paint it later. Glue them on in a bunch with hot glue.

4. Add a dab of pink to the tip of each to make a nose. You could even do this with your finger.

5. On some white card, draw two sets of eyes as shown above. Smaller kids can just stick on some googly eyes here but older kids (or helpers) might want to try cutting the details from card. A tiny white triangle in the corner of each black pupil will really help the eyes come to life.

6. Fold the bottom of the eyes and glue to the top of the mouse, a few cm behind the whiskers.

7. Glue the texta lids into the back of the mice.


Oh look, how sweet, our little mice are having a kiss.