DIY sushi


My kids are horrible eaters. They don't like their food to touch, don't like meat, or fish, or cheese. One likes eggs, one doesn't, one likes potatoes, one doesn't, both like rice but only very occasionally. The both however LOVE sushi which always has me scratching my head.

This craft was inspired by those beautiful trays the sushi comes in which just seemed too pretty to throw away.

I used a combination of corrugated cardboard, felt and assorted fabric for the fillings but you could anything you have on hand that you can chop and roll.

The below is a tutorial for a classic veggie roll but you can add whatever you like to your sushi.  You could try experimenting with orange wrappers (salmon rolls) or even try making some different kinds of sushi by taking inspiration from google images and preparing the felt in different ways.

This is a good activity for older kids or a project for adults wanting to make some cheap (and fun) kids toys.



What you need

  • A sushi tray
  • Corrugated carboard and and or coloured felt scraps
  • Black and white felt cut into strips
  • H0t glue (you could use PVA it would just take longer to dry)

To make


1. Roll your cardboard or felt squares into long thin rolls. Secure with a thin line of hot glue.


2. Continue with a few colours. I was thinking along the lines or carrot, egg, avocado and cucumber!


3. Chop into small evenly sized pieces about 1-2 cm long.


4. Choose your 'flavours' and glue together to secure.


5. Prepare some strips of black and white felt. The length of the white will determine the thickness of your sushi (i.e: Baby roll or hand roll!) These should be the same width more or less as your fillings.


6. Wrap the white felt around your filling and glue to secure.

7. Wrap some black felt around the 'rice'.  Secure with glue and trim where the ends meet.


8. Turn the sushi over and trim any excess.