DIY Doctors Kit


When I was little, I wanted to be either a Zoologist or an actress. I was actually an actress for a time but I don't know anything at all about animals. Hazel (3) wants to be either a break dancer, an artist or a doctor. The hypochondriac in me is gunning for a doctor.

This cute little doctors DIY used next to nothing in terms of materials and is a pretty easy make. I did it as an adult project but older kids might be able to give it a go.


what you need:

  • Some fluff
  • A stocking
  • Thick yarn (I used t-shirt yarn)
  • 2 x pom poms
  • 1 xsmall cardboard tube
  • 1 x small plastic bottle
  • 1x  honey or sauce lid
  • 1 x coloured jar lid.
  • Yellow masking tape (or whatever colour you have)
  • A strip of white fabric. We used leather but felt would also work. Cut to approx 4cm x 10cm
  • Some bendy wire


The stethoscope

1. Bend the wire to a U shape and attach pom poms to the end. Cut a long strip of yarn and glue the end to the wire just underneath one of the pom poms.

2. Wrap the yarn around the wire until you reach the other pom pom. Trim and glue.

3. Cut three long strands of yarn and plait a length about 20 cm long. Loop the one end over the u shape and secure with hot glue. You may want to add a few more strips of yarn around this join to make it nice and neat. Trim the excess. Trim the other end of the plait and glue to the back of your lid.

4.. Cut some yellow tape and make a cross on the front of the lid.


The blood pressure meter

1. Stuff some fluff into the end of the stocking. Just enough to make a small ball. Twist the stocking and stretch it back over itself so there are two layers of sticking. Cut a long length of yarn and tit it tightly to the end of the ball.

2. Make a plait using the strand of sticking and the two strands of yarn. Trim and glue to the underside of your white fabric.

3. Make a cross with your yellow tape. Use a pen to mark some indicator lines.

4. Punch two holes in each end of the fabric and lace with some ribbon.


The injection

To make the medicine injector glue the honey/sauce lid to the paper tube and paint white. Use tape and pen to add finishing details.


Medicine bottle

If you bottle is aleady white simply add a cross and trip with tape. If you bottle is not white, give it a quick coat of paint before decorating.