crocodile snapper

Never smile at a Crocodile!...Unless it is made from an egg carton and a berry box, then its totally fine.

This is a fun project to make AND a fun toy to use after because if you hold it in your hand the right way it becomes a snapping hand puppet!

What you need

  • A berry box
  • Paint
  • The top bit of an egg carton (or some cardboard)
  • Glue or tape

To make

1. Paint your berry box green, inside and out except for the indented bit inside which you should paint red. If your box doesn't have this indent then just paint a square of red in the middle.

2. When the paint is dry, use your paint brush or finger to dab on some slightly darker green paint. The idea here is to make your box look a bit scaly. We painted the two corners pink because we wanted our Croc to have rosy cheeks!

3. Cut out some teeth and eyes from the egg carton lid or a piece of cardboard. Make a long row of teeth for the front of the box and two shorter rows to wrap around either side. Cut the eyes slightly longer than needed as you will need to fold them under to attach them to the box.

4. Paint the teeth and eyes. If you don't want to bother too much with the eye details, just stick on some googly eyes.

5. Make a half centimeter fold on the eyes and glue to the top of the box.

6. Make a quarter centimeter fold (close enough is good enough) on the teeth so they sit nicely on the rim of the box. Attach with hot glue.

7. Now get snapping!