credit card process art


Ok so you don’t need a credit card for this but ‘Any kind of card process art’ just didn’t have the same ring.  I think it is also referred to sometimes as Scrape Art. This is such a simple technique but one that produces really magical results.

I recommend using thick paper such as watercolour paper or card as you can end up with quite a lot of paint moving across the surface which will make thin paper wrinkle or tear. I also recommend using paint in squeeze bottles such as the ones you get from IKEA as this stops little people putting too much paint down on the paper.

The best way to describe the process is through a video so I have embedded one below.

What you need

  • Thick paper
  • Paint
  • An old credit or gift card


As you can see in the video the process is pretty simple. Squeeze some paint and then drag the paint along the paper. We did a few layers of squeezing paint and scraping on each, and Hazel (2) added some special extra dribbles on the top.

The trick to keeping these really bright is to avoid overworking them too much. If doing them with really little kids make sure you have lots of paper on hand so you can switch out the paper and begin on a new one before they get too brown and overdone.

And thats about it! Enjoy the magic!