cork portrait wall hanging


We made these for Mothers day this year. Its a great project as its easy for a child to do start to finish from about age 5 I would say. The portrait above is of Finn's Nan and the one next to it right down the bottom, was made for his great Grandmother. Both Loved them!

I have a huge store of random bits and bobs that I score from our local creative reuse centre so finding things for the hair was pretty easy for us. We also used some dyed pasta and a few pom poms. You can really use whatever you have on hand or can find at the dollar store cheaply.

The cork rounds also came from the charity shop but you can get them from IKEA for about $4 for three. You could also substitute the cork for Cardboard.


What you need

  • Cork rounds or round thick cardstock
  • paint
  • flowers/pasta/random bits and bobs.
  • A sharpie (you can use paint pens too)
  • Two eyelet hooks and some string for hanging.


1. Paint your cork rounds to match the skin colour of your subject.


2. Using hot glue, stick on some 'hair' using the flowers/pasta and bits and peices you have gathered.


3. Using your sharpie, draw your subject. Add in extra details with paint pens.


3. Screw in two eyelet hooks and add some string to hang.


4. Write a message to your special person

All done!