cereal box spinners


This is a really simple invitation suitable for most ages. It requires few materials and looks really cool when its finished and spinning!

A cereal box has the perfect weight for this to work. I tried it woth other types of cardboard and they were either too floppy or too thick.

For smaller kids you can pre cut the spirals and bigger kids will enjoy some scissor practice.


  • A cereal box
  • String
  • A bead
  • Things to decorate

To Make


1. Cut a circle from each side of your cereal box. Make it as big as you can.

2. Draw a spiral. Older kids can do this themselves.


3. Decorate!


4. Make a small hole in the top and attach a string. To finish, slip on a bead.

Spin baby spin!

Try bouncing your spirals up and down and also spinning them around in both directions. Spinning one way looks like the spiral is snaking upwards and spinning the other way makes it apperar as though it is moving downwards!


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