Cereal box rainbow glasses

Agnes Hsu is one of those amazing people who truly believes that anything in this world is possible.

Not content to run her own own chain of cupcake stores and work as a professional photographer, a few years ago she created the amazing Kids DIY and creative living website HELLO WONDERFUL. The site has a huge (and well deserved) following partly due to the amazing content but also due to Agnes' incredibly warm and community based approach, and eye for spotting talent. 

Not content with all of this amazingness though, last year Agnes added furniture designer and published author to her long list of successes! Did I mention that she also has two young children AND manages to read for pleasure for two hours a day!! SUPERWOMAN.

This project was inspired by Agnes' book My color is rainbow, a sweet and simple story about diversity and acceptance that is bursting with beautiful bold illustrations from Yuliya Gwilym.

I would like to dedicate this project to Agnes, thank you for your ongoing support and friendship, may you forever continue to see the world through rainbow coloured glasses. xx

what you need

  • A cereal box
  • Paint
  • A few cotton balls
  • Glue
  • Sticky tape
  • 2 x small squares of cellophane

to make

1. Open out your cereal container.

2. Cut out the front or back panel and put the rest of the box aside.

3. Draw the glasses components (as above) onto the inside face of the card. This is probably an adult job as it does require some measuring to make sure it is the right size. My box was white inside but if yours is brown you may need to do a quick coat of white and leave it to dry. 

4. Paint the rainbow or colour it in with markers. You could also use coloured collage paper, decorate with string, add sequins or glitter, you name it!

5. Cut out all of the components. The 'lenses' can be cut with a scalpel (adult job) or just cut in from the sides and then reattached with tape.

6. Fold the arms where marked and attach to the back of the glasses with tape or glue. I tried with tape first but found hot glue worked best.

7. Cut your cellophane squares to roughly fit the back of the lenses. Attach with glue or sticky tape.


8. Cut out a cloud shape from your remaining box.

9. Roll small pieces of cotton wool into ball shapes and stick them to your cloud. Attach to your glasses with glue.


Why not try reading My colour is Rainbow with your rainbow glasses on? Too much??? NEVER!

My Colour is Rainbow is available to purchase from Plaeful and ships worldwide.