cereal box op art

I love a good cereal box project. This one is super simple and adaptable for a range of ages. The trickiest part of this project is hot gluing the paper into the box. You could make this easier by pre gluing some of the paper shapes into circles and tear drops that way its just a mater of slotting all the shapes in in a pattern that you like! This all might make a bit more sense if we just get into the tutorial...



  • A cereal box
  • Paints
  • Cardboard or paper strips in various colours
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue*
  • String or ribbon

*you could also try this project using tape!


1. Cut the top of your cereal box. If this causes it to unfold just tape it back up again.

1.2 Spray paint or paint your box white. This is TOTALLY OPTIONAL.

2. Cut a series of coloured strips of paper or card. They should be as wide as your box is deep.


3. Using a hot glue gun (or tape) begin sticking in your strips of paper. There really are no rules here! The second image above though shows a piece I made into a teardrop shape before I stuck it into the box.  Making the shapes before hand may be an interesting (and easier) way to do this with younger kids.

4. Continue until you have stuck in all of your strips and are happy with your design.

5. Paint inside the shapes with a matching or contrasting colour. Again this is optional but it adds another layer of interest and extends the project a bit.

6. Once dry, punch a few holes and insert some string to hang.

7. Hang and enjoy!!

Want to try something different?...

Why not paint your box black and create a design with white paper?