carrot planter


I have a thing with Carrots. I see it now. I blame my sister who once ate so many carots her hands turned orange. True story.

This planter is so super easy buy effective if you have the right plant. I used a spiky suculent. Please dont ask em the name as I have no idea. Any kind of green plant would be cute though.

What you need


A plastic bottle. I used the long juice bottle on the left of this image.

  • Orange and white paint
  • brown paint or a marker
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Dirt and a plant

To make


1. Cut the top off your bottle and paint it white. Spray paint will be the quickest and bond the best but use whatever you have.


2. Paint a carrot shape on the front. Tr and blend the colours a bit of you can.



3. When dry paint on some carrot lines using a thin brush or draw over the paint with a marker

4. To finish add some dirt and your plant! (You might also want to make a small home in the bottom of the bottle for drainage)