carrot bunting

I am all for a bit of seasonal craft but lets face it, they do have a tendency to be a bit naff. How about skipping the bunnies and chicks this year and focusing your energies on carrots, because, you know...nothing says Easter like carrots!

I have put this under creative reuse because you can use anything you have lying around for the fabric. I did happen to have some calico scraps so I used those but as the fabric is painted anyway you don't need to be fussy. An old t shirt of pyjamas would work perfectly well here.

Now I used a sewing machine for these because it was the quickest option, but if you don't have s sewing machine you could hand sew or use hot glue on the seams.

What you need

  • Green yarn
  • Twine (optional)
  • A pom pom maker or piece of cardboard*
  • Some scrap fabric
  • Cushion stuffing

to make

1. Cut your chosen fabric into triangle shapes as shown. The measurements are a rough guide. It is actually nice to have a bit of variation in the size of the carrots.

2. Sew up the side. If you want to be fancy you could turn these inside outside out to hide the seems but I wasn't too fussy about this.

3. Stuff with cushion stuffing.

4. Fold the top in a bit and sew it up.

5. Paint your carrots orange.

6. Leave to dry.

7. Make two smallish pom poms per carrot. If you don't have a pom pom maker, you can make a super easy one from a bit of cardboard following the simple instructions here. I suggest using twine (strong string) to tie off your pom poms. Leave the strings long as you will use these strings to tie the pom poms onto the carrots and after to tie the carrots onto the bunting line.

8. Attach one pom pom to either side of the top of the carrot. Make sure to tie them on tightly.

9. Using a brown marker, draw a few lines on your carrots. This will help your carrots look super realistic ;)

10. Cut a length of yarn for the carrots to hang on.

11. Pick up two of the strings that are on opposite sides of the pom pom and tie in a triangle at the top with a small knot. Tie again onto your bunting string. This will allow the carrot to dangle but still hopefully stay secure on the string.

12. Attach all of your carrots in this way, spacing them about 10cm apart.