cardboard pom pom maker

1. Mark a square U shape on a rectangle of cardboard. The bigger the piece of cardboard, the bigger the pom pom!

3. Wedge some wool into the small cut you made.

5. When you have a good stack of layers with your first colour, trim and add in another. This is optional but the more colours you add the more psychedelic your Pom Pom will be. The amount of layers is up to you but more layers = fluffier pom pom.

7. Slide the wool off the cardboard and tie the center string tightly with a double knot.

9. Spread out the wool fibers

2. Cut out the U shape and make a small cut in the left hand side.

3. Wrap the wool around and around the two sides of the U shape.

6. Tie a loose length of wool or thread around the center of your layers.



8. Slice through the loops you have made on either side using sharp scissors.

       10. Trim the wool all over to create a lovely round ball.                                                                                                                    

Nice one! a puffy fluffy perfect Pom Pom!