You just cant go past a classic sometimes. This simple tutorial is just a guide and your bunny mask can be made with whatever you like! It took me a while to get the shape of the face right though so you might find the simple drawing tutorial handy!

The cutting on this project needs to be done by an adult obviously but there are lots of lovely process art experiences to keep little hands busy.


1. Draw an oval

2. Draw half an oval on top

3. Draw a mini half oval on the botton

4. Erase the interior lines

Trace and cut

5. Cut out the face you have drawn on paper, use this as a template if you are doing several masks. Trace around the edge onto a peice of recycled cardboard.

6. Draw on some eyes and cut out with a stanley knife.

7. Choose some painting tools. I went with a bubble wrapped box, a roller, sponge and brush.

8. Get painting!


9. Punch some small holes in your ears and the top of your head. Attach the ears using split pins (also known as brads). Kids 4+ should be able to manage this pretty easily.

10. Grab some glue and stick on some cotton wook. We just did this with our fingers but you could use a brush if you like.

11. Cut a few strips of paper and stick them to the back of your nose. Turn over and glue to the bunny face.

12. Draw on a mount.

13. Attach a stick to the back. We stuck outs on with strong tape.