Bunny bottle baskets

I'm pretty sure I have gone on record at some stage saying that I don't do bunny crafts. May I retract that from the record please. I mean how can you resist a project that looks so cute and only used a plastic bottle, some paint and a bit of string!

This idea was born last year when I asked my first 1000 Instagram followers to suggest recyclables for me to transform into DIY's. I accepted 7 challenges in 7 days some of which were imagined and created in very odd places. This project happened while parked out the front of my house with my then 9 month old asleep in the car. And yes, I do keep scissors and permanent markers in my car because you just never know when inspiration (or extreme boredom) may strike.

The cutting in this project needs to be done by an adult but it could be a fun painting project for older kids.


  • A plastic bottle (any size)
  • Paint (I used spray paint to coat the bottles and acrylic for the details)
  • A piece of string
  • Chocolate Eggs (optional but HIGHLY recommended)

1. Using a permanent market, draw the outline of a bunny on the outside of a plastic bottle. Follow the design in the imges above. The very long piece in the image on the right will be your handle a bit later on. 

2. Using sharp scissors, cut out the shape your have drawn. I found it easiest to slice off the top of the bottle with a knife then use scissors to first cut down the one long side before continuing to cut out the rest of the design.

3. Spray paint (or regular paint) white.

4. When the white base colour is dry paint on the bunny face details using a small brush. You could try using markers here if painting is too tricky.

5. To make the handle, punch a small hole at the top of the long piece. Fold this piece over and mark out where it needs to connect to the basket. Punch a hole where both pieces align.

6. Connect both pieces with a small piece of string tied in a small bow.

All done!

I added some painted newspaper to mine as the base for some chocolate eggs but you (or the Easter Bunny) can put whatever you like in yours.