7 creative ways to reuse kids artworks

I don't know about you, but we have a lot more artworks that end up in draws than on the walls in our our house. I can never bring myself to throw them out, not just because of the work that has been put into them, but because I just hate wasting things!

I also think these lesser loved artworks make one of the BEST materials for repurposing. Below are some of my favourite projects that use recycled artworks. I hope you enjoy them!


I love this project as you can use even the smallest scarps of art paper and card. Cut out a bunch of shapes and then mix and match to your hearts content! These make great brooches or you can add a string to make a really unique statement necklace.

This project is wonderful for creating an artwork that looks seriously pro using artworks that didnt quite make the (cough) cut. Choose a mix of recycled artworks with colours that compliment then chop chop chop and frame!

This is a fun little project I made for Red Ted Art's 30 days of love. It uses recycled artworks and recycled cardboard plus a little bit of ribbon. These are simple to make and would make lovely mothers day gifts.

4. Art Can

It doesn't get much simpler than this. Grab a can, cut and measure some fancy paper and the glue it to your can. I originally made a set of these for a home made bowling game but they are very pretty individually as pen or flower holders.

Everyone loves receiving art in the mail, but how about art AS MAIL!

This one is suited to slightly older kids or could be done with younger kids with assistance. It is a lovely way to keep of piece of art as a special keepsake.

This is probably my favourite way to reuse kids artworks, plus it uses my other favourite thing, Egg Carton! More specifically, the lid of the egg carton which so often gets overlooked! Older kids can create complex layered scenes and younger kids can explore simple shapes.

What are your favourite ways to reuse kids art? Leave a comment below!